S-USA PodCast Bianchi Cup 2018- Rob Leatham

May 24, 2018

John has Rob Leatham on the PodCast to talk about his unpresidented 37 year run at the match

S-USA PodCast Bianchi Cup 2018- Julie Golob

May 24, 2018

John and Julie Golob break down the events of day two and other changes in format at the 40th Bianchi cup 

S-USA PodCast Bianchi Cup 2018- Phil Strader

May 23, 2018

In this special edition episode from the 40th Bianchi Cup in Columbia Missouri, John and Phil Strader from Sig Sauer talk about his unusual choice for equipment for the match.

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Trevor Baucom

May 16, 2018

John welcomes the newestmember of teh Ruger shooting team Trevor Baucom to the show.

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Les Baer

May 5, 2018

The finest hand fitted 1911 pistols have the name Les Baer on the slide

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_John Bartolo-Falkor Defense

May 5, 2018

John Bartolo is the guest, talking about the full custom rifles from Falkor Defense 

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Julie Golob-Smith and Wesson

May 5, 2018

John welcomes Julie Golob to the PodCast to congratulate her on being voted to a seat on the NRA Board of Directors 

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Branch Warren-Wicked Cuts Jerky

May 5, 2018

John has Branch Warren on to talk about his new line of jerky Wicked Cuts 

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Jerry Miculek

May 5, 2018

The one  and only Jerry Miculek is on talking about his M&P CORE pistol

S-USA PodCast NRA2018_Cameron Laskowski - Junior Shooter

May 5, 2018

John welcomes Cameron Laskowski to the podcast